Geocaching and Photography

More photos taken while out geocaching on Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy. Grand Manan is a beautiful island with scenic vistas around every corner. You do not need to be a geocacher to find its beauty, though it does help you find little known areas that regular tourists won’t venture to. Tourists flock to view Swallowtail Lighthouse, which overlooks Pettes Cove and Sawpit Cove, by a nicely maintained “tourist” trail. Don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful. Your photos will be amazing and look just like the thousands taken by all the tourist that visit. Thanks to geocaching we found this nice spot to photograph the lighthouse from a  perspective different than most. These images were shot from the trail leading to GC1KP6D.

1308_vacation2013_022 (Large) 1308_vacation2013_041-Edit-Edit-Edit (Large) 1308_vacation2013_042 (Large)

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