Outdoor Portraits

It was a beautiful Tuesday afternoon to be out shooting with a group of local photographers and models at Lac Beauchamp in Gatineau. It was somewhat a last-minute thing for me so I quickly packed up and headed out the door. Once we were all gathered I went to the vehicle to grab the gear and, of course, I had forgotten to pack an essential piece…camera batteries! I then chose to be an assistant rather than a model. Not much to assist with seeing as it was we were outside. Hold the reflector now and then was about it. After a few hours,  and not long before we all packed it in, a thought crossed my mind – must have spare batteries in the bag somewhere. Sure enough, tucked away in a little used pocket, there they were. I did manage to get a few shots after all.

RVPLacBeauchamp29-Edit (Large) RVPLacBeauchamp5-Edit (Large) RVPLacBeauchamp38-Edit (Large)

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