On1 Photo Raw 2018

In no way to I consider myself a master of On1 Photo Raw 2018. I am simply an amateur photographer on a limited budget who was looking at other editing options as I no longer wish to support Adobe and their subscription based software. I came across On1 Photo Raw 2018 a little while back and gave it a test run with the free trial and have since purchased the product.

This product is amazing! It is a cross between Lightroom and Photoshop in one package. I have found that it can do everything I needed from Lightroom with the added value of being able to work with layers and masks without the need for a separate program. Editing with On1 Photo Raw is quicker than in LR because you can do it all in one place. The interface is easy to get used to with its various modules. It does not have all the bells and whistles as Photoshop does, but it has what most photographers would need at a fraction of the cost of the Adobe line. For me, this was the best alternative without giving up many (if any) of the features I used in LR and PS. It’s a great option for others on a tight budget or anyone looking to dump Adobe and its “rental” software.

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